Wednesday, November 1, 2023

When Do You Need a Perk Test?

perk test Northville

If you’re replacing an old septic system or installing a new one, a perk test should be done to evaluate your property. If you’re debating whether to invest in a property where the structures will need a septic system, a perk test is also a good idea!

Perk tests help determine how long it takes for soil to absorb moisture in the ground. These tests allow, our septic tank specialists determine the best location to install your drain field. 


Learn more here about the best time to do a perk test.

Don’t Waste Your Money – Schedule a Perk Test Today!


Whether you’re looking to schedule a soil perk test to determine whether you should invest in a property or you need to install a new septic system, give us a call to schedule perk test for your Northville home today. At LaChance Brothers Excavating, you get the experience of three generations of excavating and septic work from a family-owned business. Contact us or call 248-962-3670 to schedule your perk test today!

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