Monday, November 1, 2021

Health Benefits of a Well-Maintained Septic System

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Your septic systems is an integral part of your home. Depending on the size of your septic tank, you may need to get it pumped every three to five years, and, in some rare cases, every year. Regardless of its size, regular check-ups on your system are recommended for a number of reasons. Your health and wellness are often overlooked factors.

A well-maintained septic system removes the bacteria and chemicals from household sewage. If  waste is improperly treated, it can leak harmful, contaminated water into the ground. This polluted water can show up in your drinking water and pose a serious health threat to you and your family.

Being environmentally conscious is becoming increasingly important. A malfunctioning septic system can release hazardous waste into waterways and have a negative impact on the environment. Getting your system regularly inspected can help prevent this. 

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