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How to Be a Good Septic Owner

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Are you up to date with your septic tank maintenance schedule?

Do you use biodegradable products?

Do you avoid using harsh cleaning products?

If you answered “Yes” to the above questions, then you’re on your way to being the best septic owner possible. 

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, there are 10 ways to be a good septic owner, including:

1. Having your system inspected every three years by a qualified professional.

2. Having your septic tank pumped every three to five years.

3. Avoiding pouring harsh chemicals down your drain.

4. Discarding non-degradable products in the trash instead of flushing them. 

5. Keeping your cars parked away from your drainfield and tank.

6. Following your system manufacturer’s directions when using septic tank cleaners and additives.

7. Repairing leaks and using efficient fixtures to avoid overloading your system.

8. Maintaining plants and vegetation near your system to ensure roots don’t block your drains.

9. Using soap and detergent that are low-suds, biodegradable, and low or phosphate-free.

10. Preventing your system from freezing during cold weather by inspecting and insulating vulnerable pipes.

Learn more about how to be a good septic owner on our website.

Hire Professionals for Septic Tank Cleaning in South Lyon

All septic systems require maintenance and work over their lifetime. Properly maintaining your system will keep it working properly and extend its lifetime. Contact us or call 248-962-3670 to schedule your septic tank cleaning in South Lyon.

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